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Luxurious Houseboats in Bekal | Explore Kerala’s Backwaters

Houseboats in Bekal stand out as pristine and celebrated in the travel itinerary, capturing the heart of every traveler. With BDC Bekal, the best domestic tour operator in Bekal and a celebrated name in India. Your journey through the tranquil waters is nothing short of magical. Read this blog to know why booking a houseboat with BDC is a must-try activity on your next vacation. Bekal is renowned for its quiet, less commercialised backwaters compared to its southern counterparts. Opting for a houseboat in Bekal offers a unique chance to glide through calm waters, surrounded by lush greenery and the soft murmurs of nature. BDC Houseboats provide an exclusive escape from the hustle and bustle, allowing guests to soak in the scenic beauty at a leisurely pace. 

Bekal’s picturesque backwaters take you on a serene journey where the ancient tradition of Kettuvallam boats meets the modern luxury of houseboats. These experiences allow travellers to explore the verdant landscapes and rich cultural heritage of India from the comfort and elegance of a floating hotel. 

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Luxurious Houseboats in Bekal


The Heritage of Houseboats in Kerala:

Kerala’s backwaters are a labyrinthine network of waterways that stretch over 900 kilometers, providing a unique ecosystem and a way of life for the local people. The Houseboats that ply these waters have evolved from the traditional Kettuvallams, which were used historically to transport rice and spices across this extensive network. These traditional boats were engineered from jack-wood planks tied together with coir (coconut fiber rope), sealed with resin from boiled cashew kernels – a design that ensured durability and a long life in the water. Bamboo mats and areca nut wood are commonly used for roofing, coir mats and wooden planks make up the flooring, while the beds are crafted from coconut wood and coir. Many houseboats now utilise solar panels for lighting reflecting a shift towards sustainable practices.

Modern Houseboats in Bekal are equipped with all the amenities of a good hotel, including furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, comfortable living rooms, and kitchens. Some even feature a balcony for angling. The roofs, crafted from wood or plaited palm leaves, are designed to open and provide shade, offering panoramic views of the surroundings. While most houseboats are manually poled by local oarsmen, others are powered by 40 HP engines. For larger groups, boat trains can be formed by linking multiple houseboats. 

The true magic of a houseboat ride lies in the immersive experience it offers. As you glide peacefully through the backwaters, houseboats provide a breathtaking glimpse into the largely inaccessible rural parts of Kerala, allowing travelers to soak in the serene and lush landscapes in an intimately relaxed setting.

Discovering Bekal with BDC’s Houseboat Booking in Bekal

Nestled in the northern part of Kerala, Bekal is famous for its historic fort, pristine beaches, and tranquil backwaters. BDC with its houseboat booking services in Bekal offers an exceptional way to experience this untouched paradise away from the bustling tourist centers of the south. 

BDC Bekal known for their exceptional service and attention to detail, ensures that you are provided a luxurious experience on the backwaters of Bekal. Each houseboat available for booking is a re-imagined Kettuvallam, equipped with modern facilities like elegant bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, and gourmet dining areas offering local delicacies. 

Comprehensive Houseboat Packages in Bekal: 

Diverse Houseboat Cruising Options:

  • Day Cruises and Night Cruises: Whether you prefer the vibrant scenery of a day cruise or the tranquil ambiance of a night cruise, there is something for everyone. Explore our day and night cruise options
  • Lunch and Dinner Cruises: These cruises combine scenic views with delicious meals, providing an enjoyable way to explore the backwaters. Join our lunch and dinner cruises
  • Day and Night Cruises for Groups: Perfect for larger gatherings, these extended cruises allow more time to enjoy the backwaters and onboard amenities. Plan a group cruise with us.

Houseboats in Bekal

Diverse Packages:

Whether you are planning a corporate retreat, a birthday party, or a student excursion, Houseboats in Bekal offers an array of tailored experiences. 

  1. Corporate Special Cruise Packages: Ideal for team-building or corporate meetings, these packages provide a unique setting for business and pleasure. Equipped with conference facilities, the cruises ensure productivity is as inspiring as the surrounding landscape. Check out our corporate cruise packages
  2. Group Houseboat Cruise: From family reunions to friend getaways, group houseboat cruises cater to all. Enjoy the beautiful backwaters of Nileshwar while bonding over a variety of onboard activities including DJ and dance. 
  3. Birthday Parties and Get-togethers: Celebrate special occasions on a houseboat, where every detail from decorations to a custom menu is taken care of. These parties can be themed with flowers, music and more creating memories that last a lifetime. 
  4. Student Houseboat Tours: Educational and fun, these tours are designed for students to learn about the local ecosystem while enjoying the calm waters. Safe and engaging, these tours can be a formative experience for young minds. 

Why Choose BDC Bekal for Houseboat Booking in Bekal?

BDC Bekal stands out as the best domestic tour operator in Bekal delivering exceptional backwater experiences across India. Known for its attention to detail and customer-centric approach, BDC customises each journey to meet the unique preferences of its guests, ensuring a personal and memorable experience. 

BDC prides itself on creating personalized travel experiences that cater to the individual needs of each guest. Whether you wish to enjoy the sunrise over the calm backwaters or prefer a leisurely sunset cruise, BDC’s itineraries are flexible and adjustable to your preferences. BDC Bekal also ensures the houseboats in Bekal you book provide you with both comfort and a sense of connection. Gourmet dining on houseboats in Bekal ensures that the onboard chefs use fresh local ingredients to prepare delicious meals that reflect the region’s culinary traditions. Guests can savour a variety of dishes, from the local favorite ‘pazham pori’ (banana fritters) to seafood delicacies, all while being surrounded by Bekal’s breathtaking ecstasy. 

With BDC Bekal Houseboat booking in Bekal, you can gain exclusive access to parts of Bekal that remain untouched by mainstream tourism. This exclusivity ensures a peaceful and intimate experience, allowing guests to enjoy the natural beauty without the interruption of crowded tourist spots. BDC Bekal’s customer service team is responsive and knowledgeable, ready to assist with any inquiries or special requests, ensuring that your houseboat booking experience is as smooth as the tranquil waters of Bekal. 

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