• August 2023
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Ranipuram Hills: Adventure meets Peacefulness with BDC Bekal

Stationed at a height of 750 meters above sea level, the mesmerizing Ranipuram Hills, also called Madathumala, invites travellers to experience its unique mix of adventure and relaxation. With an array of thrilling trekking trails, quiet landscapes and rich green meadows, the place is a picturesque haven. Join BDC Bekal on a breathtaking exploration of Ranipuram Hills and learn how our team can orchestrate beautiful experiences for you.

Discovering Ranipuram’s Exciting Adventure:

A realm of natural splendour, Ranipuram is a great place for adventure. The elevated place ensures a refreshing escape from the mundane. At the same time, its trekking tracks that extend to two and a half kilometre leads to a cavernous peak that presents an exhilarating experience to its explorers.

The Location and The Setting:

Ranipuram is located near the Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary, where the Kerala and Karnataka borders meet. At an altitude of 1,048 meters above mean sea level, Ranipuram is 48 kilometres away from Kanhangad and 85 kilometres away from Kasargod. Take a glimpse of the mighty Western Ghats along the route.

Ranipuram Hills beckons travellers with its monsoon forests endorned with shola woods, wildflowers and expansive meadows. The meadows adorned with lemongrass emanate a breeze rich in medicinal properties that include antioxidants. The place is more than just an escape, with a magnificent weaving of vibrant flora and fauna. The verdant forests connect with the Coorg Mountains of Karnataka. The vibrant ecosystem here is a testimony to the brilliance of nature.

BDB Bekal: Letting you unwind in the richness of experience:

A journey to Ranipuram Hills is an effortless endeavour when you choose BDC, Bekal as your travel partner. BDC, Bekal, an experienced travel agency, designs smooth travel arrangements, ensuring that every aspect of its traveller’s trip is handled. From transportation to accommodation to sightseeing, BDC, Bekal arranges it all. If you seek a rendezvous with Nature, Ranipuram Hills also offers cottage options, which make it a costly and comfortable place to unwind after a tiring day of exploration. With BDC Bekal as your trusted partner, your journey will be more than a vacation.


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