• August 2023
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Ananthapura Lake Temple: A Spiritual Odyssey with BDC Bekal

In the serene hamlet of Ananthapura, in the culturally rich district of Kasaragod, the Ananthapura Lake Temple stands tall as a true marvel of architecture and spirituality. Believed to be the earliest abode of Ananthapadmanabha Swami, the temple draws visitors from far and wide to enjoy the tranquil aura. BDC, Bekal will take you on a journey of the temple, and you will see your travel experience transform into a memorable escape.

A Gem in the Heart of A Lake:

A harmonious fusion of architecture and nature, the Ananthapura Lake Temple is beautifully placed in the centre of a sprawling 302-foot lake, spanning over 2 acres and is always replenished with freshwater. A sense of peacefulness envelops every visitor here.

Ananthapura Lake Temple is a testament to the harmonious fusion of architecture and nature. This sacred sanctuary is beautifully ensconced in the centre of a sprawling 302-foot lake, which spans over two acres and is perpetually replenished with freshwater. The temple’s unique location adds to its ethereal charm and imbues it with a sense of serenity that envelops every visitor.

A Seat of Divine Origins:

Revered as the foremost residence of Ananathapadmanabha Swami, the Ananthapura Lake Temple embodies centuries of spiritual significance. The temple’s deep-rooted history is a testament to the devotion and reverence that has thrived for generations. As you step into the temple, the Sreekovil and Namaskara-Mandapam greet you. You will witness the shrines of Jala Durga elegantly positioned along the tranquil lake. A cave entrance on the right corner of the lake adds an element of inquisitiveness. The namaskara-Mandapam is accessible via a footbridge and is a gateway to the Sreekovil, where the primary deity, Lord Vishnu, redies atop a five-hooded serpent king, Lord Anantha.

Wooden Carvings and Stories:

The temple’s ceilings are rich with wooden carvings that narrate the tales of Lord Vishnu. They weave a beautiful fabric of stories from Hindu mythology and stand as a testament to their makers’ artistic mastery and devotion. The idols within the sanctorum are made from a rare blend of 70 medicinal materials known as ‘kadu-sharkara-yogam’. Later, in 1972, the timeless idols were replaced with panchaloha, five-metal alloy versions that preserve the sanctity and spiritual essence of the temple. The doors of the Ananthapura Lake Temple are open to all tourists irrespective of their social status, reflecting the universal nature of spirituality and devotion.

BDC Bekal: Your Travel partner in a spiritual journey

A journey to the Ananthapura Lake Temple is an effortless endeavour when you choose BDC Bekal as your travel partner. BDC, Bekal, an experienced travel agency, designs smooth travel arrangements, ensuring that every aspect of its traveller’s trip is handled. From transportation to accommodation to sightseeing, BDC, Bekal arranges it all. If you seek a spiritual and cultural rendezvous, the Ananthapura Lake Temple is a great option. With BDC Bekal as your trusted partner, your journey will be more than a vacation.

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