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Things To Do in Bekal: A Traveler’s Tale of Discovery

Explore Bekal: Tour Packages, Fort, Houseboats, Homestays

I harbored expectations of tranquility – a place to unwind, relax, and immerse in new experiences when I chose Bekal as a holiday destination last summer. Entrusting my adventure to BDC Bekal, renowned as the best domestic tour operator, I was presented with an itinerary that was nothing short of visionary. As I arrived in Bekal it became apparent that I was on the cusp of an extraordinary journey. What lay before me was not merely a destination but a melange of history, culture, and natural splendor, interwoven with the care and expertise only BDC Bekal could provide.

From the majestic forts that have withstood the ravages of time, standing sentinel over the land and its stories, to the serene backwaters that carry the whispers of the past with every ripple, Bekal revealed itself as a place where every step was a voyage through history. This was a journey not just through the landscapes of Bekal, but through what makes Bekal a beacon for those who seek to uncover the layers of time, culture, and nature intertwined.

Bekal Fort in Kasaragod

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Bekal Fort And More Forts

Bekal is home to some of India’s most stunning and strategically important forts, each telling a story of its own. Bekal Fort, the largest and the best-preserved offers exciting views of the Arabian Sea. Its keyhole shape and imposing observation towers are a photographer’s delight, especially at dusk and dawn. But Bekal’s story doesn’t end here. A short journey from Bekal Fort takes you to the Chandragiri Fort, perched on a riverbank, offering a different perspective of the region’s military architecture and history. Hosdurg Fort, known for its round bastions, adds to the historical intrigue, showcasing the defense strategies of bygone eras.

Exploring these forts, I was amazed at the architectural brilliance and the strategic foresight of their builders. Each fort visit, arranged meticulously by BDC Bekal, the best domestic tour operator in India, was accompanied by insightful stories that brought the stone walls to life. For history enthusiasts and casual travelers alike, a tour through these forts is an unforgettable journey back in time.

Houseboats in Bekal – Serene Sojourns in Bekal Backwaters

After delving into the historical depths of Bekal’s efforts, I sought the tranquility of its backwaters aboard a traditional houseboat. I found myself gliding through calm waters, flanked by lush greenery. The houseboats in Bekal with their blend of traditional design and modern comforts, offer a unique vantage point to experience Bekal’s natural landscapes.

Houseboats in Bekal

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the water, I realized this was more than just a stay. It was an immersion into the heart of Bekal. BDC Bekal’s arrangements ensured that my houseboat experience in Bekal was smooth, allowing me to soak in the beauty of Bekal’s backwaters without a care in the world.

Homestays in Bekal – Resorts in Bekal 

My journey through Bekal took an even more personal turn as I settled into one of the many homestays dotting the landscape. Here, I was not just a guest but a part of the family, welcomed with open arms and warm smiles. The homestays in Bekal offered an unparalleled opportunity to experience the local lifestyle, customs, and legendary hospitality of Kerala. From waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee to enjoying homemade traditional Kerala cuisine, every moment felt like a discovery of new life.

Chandralayam Homestay - Best Homestay in Kasaragod

Chandralayam Homestay

For those seeking a touch of luxury amidst nature’s bounty, the resorts in Bekal cater to every whim and fancy. With their world-class amenities, spa services, and infinity pools overlooking the scenic beauty, resorts in Bekal provide a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether opting for a homestay in Bekal or a resort in Bekal, BDC Bekal ensures your accommodation is perfectly aligned with your preferences, making every stay an extension of the Bekla experience.

Cultural Vibrancy of Theyyam and Other Art Forms

Bekal, with its vibrant cultural scene, offers more than just scenic beauty and historical explorations. One of the most profound cultural experiences I had was witnessing a Theyyam performance. This traditional form of dance and worship with its elaborate costumes, intricate makeup, and mesmerizing dance was a spectacle of devotion and art. Theyyam not only offers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Kerala but also connects you to the Spiritual core of this land. 

Theyyam Cultural Tour Bekal

Beyond Theyyam, Poorakali, Yakshagana, Mangalamkali, and Kolkali are other performances to watch out for. The martial arts of Bekal, its folk dances, and festivals provide a canvas of cultural richness that is both vibrant and diverse. BDC Bekal, with its deep-rooted connections and expertise, opens doors to these unique cultural experiences, ensuring travelers can witness the authentic pulse of Bekal.

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Gastronomic Delights: Restaurants in Bekal 

No journey through Bekal is complete without indulging in its culinary offerings. The coastal cuisine, with its emphasis on seafood, coconut, and apices offers flavors that are both bold and nuanced. From the spicy tang of the fish curry to the subtle sweetness of payasam, every dish is a reflection of Bekal’s rich culinary traditions. Dining in Bekal is not just about the food, it is an exploration of the culture. BDC Bekal’s guidance in choosing the right spots for authentic meals added an extra layer of enjoyment to my culinary journey, making each meal a memorable experience.

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Shopping in Bekal: Textiles and Treasures 

My exploration of Bekal extended to its market and craft shops where the artisanal heritage of the region was on full display. The Kasaragod sarees known for their durability and traditional designs are proof of the weaving legacy of the region. Similarly, the exquisite craftsmanship of bronze items, from traditional lamps to intricate idols offered a glimpse into the artistic skills passed down through generations.

Shopping in Bekal guided by the knowledgeable team at BDC Bekal, was not just about purchase but about connecting with the artists and understanding the stories behind their creations. It was an enriching experience that allowed me to bring back not just souvenirs but pieces of Bekal’s rich heritage.

Bekal Tour Packages with BDC Bekal

As my journey in Bekal came to a close I was left with a lot of memories woven with threads of history, culture, natural beauty, and culinary delights. For those yearning to explore the undiscovered corners of India, to immerse themselves in the richness of its culture and nature, Bekal awaits. With BDC Bekal at your side, your journey through the enchanting land will be nothing short of magical. Are you ready to go on a trip to Bekal? Contact BDC Bekal today to curate your bespoke journey to this unforgettable destination. 

bekal homestay and resorts

With BDC Bekal at the helm, guiding me through this labyrinth of experiences and a deeply personal touch, my journey became more than an exploration. It transformed into a pilgrimage of the soul toward understanding, peace, and beauty. The forts, not merely stone and mortar, told tales of battles, love, and resilience, while the backwaters in the tranquil majesty narrated stories of the ebbs and flows of life itself. My journey to the enchanting destination was made unforgettable by the vision and dedication of BDC Bekal, the best domestic tour operator in Kerala.

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